Femingal.com is a one stop wedding dresses solution website in Malaysia which provides customers with very inexpensive yet high quality wedding gowns, and bridesmaid’s dresses that will not overstretch overall wedding budget.

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Ball Gown_CBall Gown

A ball is a traditionally and most formal attire for females very suited for social occasions. This full-skirted gown made from luxurious fabric, exotically and delicately trimmed with its length reaching the floor. Following etiquettes, this type of wedding dress can be best worn in events where the male counterparts are expected to wear white tie attire. This dress gives a greater look when worn with a cape, glove, stole, cloak or an opera coat. Visit Product Page

Long Sleeve_CLong Sleeve

As the word long sleeve suggests, these dresses keep the bride warm. For those who have planned their wedding on winter, or indoor occasion, this is the dress to go for. Cerebrate the cooler winter weather like its summer. The unpredictable temperature will not allow you to swelter with the extra fabric. You will look prettier with the long sleeve wedding dress in the cold weather. Visit Product Page

Short Mini_CShort Mini

The Short Mini Dress Series features a knee-length dress. This gown will look perfectly for the young bride as it allows a peck of their young beautiful legs. Under this category there includes the Simple Strapless Sweetheart bridal dress and Faddish Short/Mini-length V-neck dress. These dresses are well fitted with pockets and beads. Visit Product Page

Gaun1233Gaun Pengantin

Bridesmaids Dresses are either very long gowns touching the floor, medium sized dresses or simply short dresses. They are ideal for the bridesmaid as thy come with different variety of shapes. These types of dresses can go with any type of color hence there will be a suiting color for any bridesmaid. The dresses come with excellent variety of designs without sacrificing style. Visit Product Page



For a traditional chinese wedding look, choose the quah type of dresses with dragon phoenix embroidery. The quah dress can be long sleeve or short sleeve, whatever you agree with your partner. These type of wedding attires have a stand collar neckline. They have a stained fabric with a front zipper. These dresses come with different colors to beautify you and your wedding occasion. Visit Product Page


The trumpet Style Wedding Gown features a close-fitting bodice and a gradually flared skirt. The bodice is such that it skims your body-lines, though the hips. Trumpet dress flares just about mid-thigh and as the name suggests, it’s flare is in resemblance to the shape of trumpet bell, a musical instrument. This dress will add feminine curves to your straight figure, offer a balanced glamor and display, and allow a free and more comfortable movement. Visit Product Page

Evening Dress_CEvening Dress

The Evening Dress Series in Femingal features high end quality of the evening dress which wear to attend events like weddings or balls. The elegant style of evening dresses are selected and imported directly from the manufacturers. Visit Product Page


The Bridesmaid Dress Series has the more varieties of bridesmaid dresses in Malaysia. You can find a lot of different style and different colour of bridesmaid dress at a very affordable price in our website. Visit Product Page

About Femingal.com

Femingal.com is an online wedding attires’ supplier which provides fashionable wedding gown and dresses to local wedding agency as well as consumers directly.

Femingal.com sources high quality no branded wedding attires majority from China, Thailand and other South East Asia Countries which are the manufacturers for well-known wedding brands in order to get the best quality gown in a very competitive price.

Even though our wedding gowns are not branded, the qualities of the gown are trusted and guarantee.

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